The importance of software in the gaming experience

The importance of software in the gaming experience

There are a number of characteristics that make the difference between one game and another, as they are what make a game go from being just another game in a catalogue of hundreds of games to a game that stands out for its quality, becoming one of the most popular games in its category.


The graphic interface of the game is what the user interacts with to play, where the game actions are performed, and where the result of these actions is shown in relation to the game being played. As this is what the player is continuously looking at, the graphics used for the game will directly impact the gaming experience.

Supported devices

Casino games

A non-trivial issue is the range of technological devices from which the games offered by the casino can be played. It may be the case that one player only has access to one type of device, such as smartphones, or another player may have a preference for playing classic games on a laptop with a widescreen display.


Security is an indispensable factor in any online casino game. Casino games involve monetary transactions in every game, therefore the software must not be compromised in any way, nor must it have any security flaws that could affect the results, and these results must be completely random in every game played.

Bonus games and/or side bets

Due to the wide range of games available today, some game developers have turned classic games on their head and added new bets and bonus games to games such as blackjack, point and bank, roulette or video poker machines.

These classic games, by having new bets or extra bonus games that are not present in the standard rules-based games, often highlight the added feature in the name of the game. In this way, it stands out from the rest of the games and this additional information in the name serves to avoid confusing the player, so that he/she can choose whether to play according to the classic rules or with the new game variants.



A jackpot, also known as a progressive jackpot, is a prize that grows as players play games in the game that has the jackpot. It may be the case that the same jackpot grows by playing games in several games, in which case it is called a shared jackpot. This type of jackpot grows more quickly.

Games that have jackpots offer the possibility of winning an extra prize, so some players look for casino games, especially slots, that offer this type of jackpot.

RTP (Return to player)

The term return to player refers to the percentage of money returned by the game for each game cycle, usually in the high hundreds of thousands of games per cycle.

This does not mean that the game will pay out that percentage of every amount wagered on it, it should be remembered that it is an average payout each game cycle. The RTP is an indicator of how much the game will pay out over the long term and is a factor to consider when choosing to play one game over another.

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