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How to be less distracted while you’re working

How to be less distracted while you’re working

These days, the world is more distracted than ever. With the emergence of social media and smartphones, people have a constant need to be engaged and entertained. For this reason, people lost their ability to focus on one thing – their job. Many corporations are struggling with making sure that their employees are productive and not wasting time on their jobs.

In this article, we will discuss how individuals as well as corporations can ensure that they are as productive as they can be. We believe it is one of the most important, and often undervalued skills in our 21st century society.

Get rid of distractions

If you want to gain the ability to stay focused, the first and obvious step is to remove all distractions. If you are working from home, start by moving to a working space with far less distractions. In case you notice that you are on your phone a lot, try to block notifications from certain applications on your phone. Do the same if notifications from browsers are bothering you.

If you work from home, it might be a good idea to block distracting websites like YouTube, Facebook and other social media. Ultimately, controlling yourself comes down to your own motivation and free will to do so.

Still, you need to occasionally take a break to stay effective. During these periods, you can relax and play games at Bob Casino.

Organize your working space

working space

For those who work in the office, there is a simple solution. You can prevent a lot of distractions by simply closing the door to your office. People coming in and out, or hearing voices of people who pass by can be distracting.

If you find that you have lots of tabs open on your computer, look at all of them individually and decide if they are really necessary or not. Oftentimes, you’ll find that many of the websites you visit are not necessary. Keeping these tabs open is alluring, and makes you want to check out what’s going on outside of your work.

Studies have shown that taking in caffeine can have a positive effect on your ability to focus. The best way to do this is the old fashioned way – by drinking coffee. However, be careful to not over do it. The same studies have found that when consumed too much, coffee can actually have a negative effect on the outcome of your work.

Techniques for staying focused

You can also try things like the Pomodoro technique. It’s a time management skill that lots of people find useful. Basically, it involves dividing your work into 25 minute bursts of focused work and 5 minutes of relaxation. Still, even when you’re resting, it’s better to shut off your brain. In the best case scenario, you should close your eyes as well. After multiple short bursts of focused work, you can allow yourself to rest a little bit longer.

Finally, eat healthy foods. There is some truth to the statement that to have a healthy mind, you need a healthy body. Don’t fill yourself with junk food and in general, avoid too many carbohydrates. They make you feel tired and distracted.

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